Nightmare Drake - Custom Hearthstone Card

Nightmare Drake

21st January, 2019 (RR)

Made by kermitthedog

Dr.Genya 2 years ago
This is a good card vs mage.
Loki 2 years ago
Balanced Lotheab with dragon tag. Not bad I guess
Iouxyl (4)2 years ago
I like it as well. Good job!
Wiener_Schnitzel 2 years ago
I really like this, my first ever custom card actually had an effect similar to this! It's a good tool to stall board clears and burn.
kermitthedog (creator)2 years ago
Flavor text: "It has been confirmed by Yogg Saron that this is, in fact, not a dragon.
kermitthedog (creator)2 years ago