Cowardly Kobold - Custom Hearthstone Card

Cowardly Kobold

19th August, 2020 (RR)

Made by sunbird1002

Gothe (4.2)11 months ago
huh. dunno how this got so highly rated. But I do like it, it's very flavorful with it's text and name. Personally, I don't think waiting for a Taunt minion is cowardly, It's a good strategy.
This just showing that this minion is actually one of the smarter ones in game, but because of the social environment of minions, who much of the time want to go face and have big attack, this actual strategy is new to them and seems cowardly.
Cosmic14 (4)11 months ago
Hasn't been in standard for years now. In wild, more broken comboes exist than a 0/2 Taunt and a 2/4 minion on turn 1-2.
JC1234TheToonist 11 months ago
Training Dummy
xOwleyex 11 months ago
Yeah, the Kobold in that art was really fun. I remember this because of the Kobolds, both this guy and the one on top lol
Shoemanband (4)11 months ago
Secure the Deck. I remember because they used this part of the image for the teaser.
sunbird1002 (creator)11 months ago
Can anyone tell what in game card art this is from?