Announcement - Custom Hearthstone Card


6th August, 2022 (RR)

Made by Backgammon

Backgammon (3.6) (creator)1 year ago
Shaman is in the Que
HolyBrandon 1 year ago
cool :D
CakeIsGood 1 year ago
ironwarrior79 1 year ago
The season finale is almost upon us
Murozondy 1 year ago
:qLOVE: :gonk:
Backgammon (3.6) (creator)1 year ago
Neutral will have 10 legendaries 5 epics, 5 rares, and 15 commons
Backgammon (3.6) (creator)1 year ago
That's right everyone since im finally out of that statis chamber I can finally finish the BEHSU season 1!