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Magic of the Words

6th December, 2018 ()

Marleon (3.9)2 days ago
Isn't that a bit of a exaggeration? Warsong Commander isn't the most played card in the Meta, so the synergies doesn't make a difference. I doubt Icehowl would've been OP this way, since the best deck of TGT - Secret Paladin, wasn't OP because of playing 9 mana minions. For example, next expansion we got some big minions like Faceless Behemoth or Eldritch Horror and they weren't nowhere near being playable. The thing with Halalzeal doesn't really need an anwser since this is the most extreme and the most unlikely thing that will ever happen. As for the Charged Devilsaur, you can still use King Krush in Hunter and it still would've been as good.
keyvnn9 (3.9)2 days ago
Its not that Blizzard forgot. Blizzard has no reason to randomly change past cards to be completely different.
Charge no longer makes sense as the name. It no longer synergizes with Warsong Commander. It now gets boost from Woodcutting Axe. It no longer prevents the minion from attacking heroes if it could normally attack. It no longer has the restriction of friendly minion only.
Icehowl is now a 9 mana 10/10 with a HUGE upside of having Rush. Better than premium stats with an upside. It can now attack heroes the turn after being played. In TGT, it would be broken. It no longer synergizes with Warsong Commander.
Halalzeal is no longer the source of the healing. If there was ever a card that only gave spells negative healing, it would no longer work the same. Yes, it’s a fringe case, but it would be something changed that there is literally no need to change, and also introduces a keyword multiple expansions early, and also makes a card a lot less original.
Charged Devilsaur. You just removed the entire capability of a decent card for no reason. No longer synergizes with Warsong Commander (not the important part, getting there), and could no longer see play in Cube Hunter, which was until recently the best deck in the meta. It can no longer immediately go face when being pulled out with Kathrena. Also, it can’t be cubed in certain OTKs, such as TrumpSC’s Spray and Pray Druid. You killed that card.
All in all, I hereby dub these changes (along with almost all change suggestions in hearthcards) completely unnecessary and undesirable.
Randomizer (3.8)3 days ago
Charged Devilsaur's only use is to be pulled out with Charge and Icehowl's only detriment was how it couldn't be used to go face and thus making it useless against control heavy matchups. What do you mean you "changed them a little"?
Winbow (3.9)3 days ago
You changed their meaning A LOT!
Marleon (3.9)3 days ago
[And yes, Charged Devilsaur should be an Un'Goro Card]
Marleon (3.9)3 days ago
I know it changes them a little. Like Icehowl couldn't go face at all and charged devilsaur can go face when it doesn't trigger its battlecry, but I think it is healtheir for the game this way.

Any more ideas?