Shirvallah, the Tiger - Custom Hearthstone Card

Shirvallah, the Tiger

18th October, 2020 ()

sunbird1002 (4.1)2 days ago
Can go slightly ridiculous no? Tirion was taken out as it made unsynergistic minions gain +1/+1. But this does that but better. Yes, you can say that after the minions die that they are less likely to, self balancing the hero power. That's clever. But currently its a very strong hero. Buy an alleycat turn 1. Turn two, you have two 3/3s, 6/6 in stats, basically guarenteed the win. Even giving a minion +2/+2 is still comparable to Edwin's Hero power (but you can do so much more than Edwin with this.)

Suggestions? Make it +1/+1.
Qubit (creator)2 days ago