Keyword: Patience - Custom Hearthstone Card

Keyword: Patience

28th December, 2018 ()

Poondaedalin (3.7)8 months ago
I could see this as an actual Keyword
Daawsomeone 9 months ago
how does a card you make end up here?
anyway cool idea
Tale Teller 9 months ago
Even if it's only activated on your own turn, Rookie Monk is preeety good for a onedrop on turn 2
Linwood 9 months ago
I assume the Patience ability only activates when played, correct? Otherwise this could be a crazy hand deck.
Loxeres 9 months ago
You probably meant it as "(x) your turns", cause right now if you have Rookie Monk in your opening hand and go second your opponent will play his turn and you have already 2/3.