Bolvar, Released - Custom Hearthstone Card

Bolvar, Released

9th November, 2019 ()

Omikamiz 7 months ago
So this card , Deal 3-8 dmg to enemy hero , heal 0-5 to you hero , kill ALL minion on the board , deal damage to yourself equal to random minion on the board, summon 0-6 minion from your deck , discard 0-6 non minion card then give all friendly minions +2/2 and can't be targeted by spell and hero power, then steal 1 minion from your enemy and equip 5/3 weapon.Consider you usually run this card with wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too powerful for 8 mana.
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)7 months ago
I know it's probably pointless, but I'd personally put Obliterate after Doom Pact, 'cause as of now it casting is basically always a downside.
Shoemanband (4.2) (creator)7 months ago
When Bolvar was killed during the attack on the Lich King, he was accidentally brought back to life by the flames of the Red Dragonflight. Now, the Dragons will set him free for the last time. Thoughts?