Bargaining Chip - Custom Hearthstone Card

Bargaining Chip

14th September, 2018 ()

Raincoat 9 months ago
I really like the design of the card, and it's fairly well executed. However, this kind of flexibility really doesn't feel like a Rogue card to me, it's more Druid-ish. Looking at the card itself, it's a little underwhelming in Rogue, as many of the option simply generate value, which the class doesn't have any issues generating. The face that you can prep it out certainly makes it much better, however. The Magic topic is probably the best designed, as both effects are seriously detrimental to opponents playing any amount of spells in their list. As pointed out, the second effect forcing the treachery effect is never going to happen over destroying the minions. Perhaps if it treacheries only 1 minion? Information is probably the weakest of the bunch, as it only serves to generate card advantage in a class already filled to the brim with those kind of options, but it's nice to have it as an option. Overall though, great job my dude
THWeaver (creator)9 months ago
I didn't immediately see a case myself, but in anticipation of a case where you would rather perform a Treachery-like effect than killing them outright, I decided to keep it as an option.
Stevethebarbarian 9 months ago
I like the idea, but why would anyone ever choose Trade Minions?