The Blade Maiden - Custom Hearthstone Card

The Blade Maiden

17th May, 2018 ()

Likafoss 8 months ago
I made a Warrior version a long time ago, Staliteli, Metalmender.
Paranoia (3.9) (creator)8 months ago
@KiruChan yes those cards are the same idea as mine! The only thing I would add is my card's purpose is to get rid of weapons in your deck late game, helping you to draw some key cards, instead of summoning weapons from hand.
Tale Teller 8 months ago
Paranoia, it's okay if you don't know all the cards in here, i mean, that would be kinda insane
KiruChan 8 months ago
Grand Animator Gra'n and Dancing Weapons (I think those are the names) summon weapons from your hand, are Warrior cards and come down sooner, if I recall.
Paranoia (3.9) (creator)8 months ago
Hi can you please show me the card with similar idea :) there are tons of new cards in here everyday so it's hard to keep track of all of them
KiruChan 8 months ago
Come to think of it, this DOES seem familiar. That does remind me, an effective way to hide your card from looking like a rip-off/copy/already-been-done is to add tokens, as that seems to get rid of the similiar cards section.
Sofalax 8 months ago
We've seen this before.
Tale Teller 8 months ago
...but this is broken, dude. It recruits ALL weapons as minions, which means that you could get a full board of strong minions on turn 8, or even 7 with the coin! I love this!
Topandito 8 months ago
Sorta neat, though sadly I doubt it would see play. I think it would be hard to make it better without being over powered though. At 8 you will like of drawn a fair amount of weapons if you have a ton of them, and not many are played usually either.