Scythe of Elune - Custom Hearthstone Card

Scythe of Elune

14th November, 2017 ()

Sam17 8 months ago
Don't know in what type of druid this would fit tho. (forces you to nourish on 5 so)
DestroyerR (3.9) (creator)8 months ago
@TPeter Thank you!
TPeter 8 months ago
One of the best cards ever made.
Well done!
Koos 8 months ago
Kaotic 10 months ago
wow someone already made one, i was late
Shoemanband 10 months ago
I guess in that case, it's no longer OP. The highest amount of damage you could get with this and Fandral already on board would then be about 20-27 damage, which is assuming you have the exact cards and 10 Mana. So thanks for the clarification.
DestroyerR (3.9) (creator)10 months ago
@Shoemanband because you’re assuming that fandral doubles the solar eclipse for some reason. In my opinion, the logical interaction is: 1. Fandral combines the effects. 2. Solar Eclipse triggers. It combines the effects “again”(which does nothing because there are no effects to combine). 3. Lunar Eclipse triggers. It doubles the effect, which is really two effects combined into one. Result: Deal 8 damage to a minion and draw 2 cards. For a 11 Mana 3 card combo, I don’t think that’s OP.
Shoemanband 10 months ago
How would this even work with Fandral? If you play a Choose One card, like Wrath, then Fandral would activate both effects, 4 damage draw a card. Then, this would activate, but Fandral would activate both of its affects. The card already has both effects combined, so Solar Eclipse may or may not increase the effect to 8 damage draw 2. When Lunar Eclipse casts, since you choose both effects, it alone quadruples the card's original value, in addition to the Solar Eclipse. So, you get to deal 12 damage and draw 3 cards for 2 Mana. Insane.
revalista 10 months ago
scary with fandral, lol
Loki 10 months ago
This is really good. Can be a bit OP coz ramp and all this things, but i would say it's 'Fandral level of OP', so its ok. Soon Fandral will be rotated and druid need something like this to keep mechanic on. And its good its 5 mana and its hard to tempo it with Noirish
Frieza Jr 10 months ago
Oh okay.
I didn't know that Legendary Weapons did that XD
purifiedazure 10 months ago
This is probably one of the most interesting weapon concepts I've seen so far. Having not only another fandral option but the option to double an effect, having wrath deal 6 damage or deal 2 damage and draw you two cards, summoning 4 scarabs or 4 spiders from your death knight's battlecry, it would be awesome to have and see. Great job.
Champheart 10 months ago
OOOhhhh la la Fandral plus this
DestroyerR (3.9) (creator)10 months ago
@Thesalost I had to reread this three times before I understood you were probably talking about fandral lol. I haven't actually thought about that interaction, but why the hell not? Druid of the Flame would then be a... wait for it... THREE mana 8/8! Suck on that Bittertide Hydra!
DestroyerR (3.9) (creator)10 months ago
@Marleon yeah I guess I just have really good ideas with Druid haha
Thestalost 10 months ago
This card is pure geniality. I can't see any downside of it, and I can't give it less then 10/5. But, I have a question, if you play this card with Fenrir, you will get the both effects, twice? By the way, amazing card, perfect worked!
Marleon 10 months ago
Another amazing card, bro. It is a really useful tool and adapts to the situation. You must really love Druid making him such amazing cards x3
DestroyerR (3.9) (creator)10 months ago
@Frieza Jr the whole point of legendary weapons is that the effect stays for as long as you have the weapon equipped (see Dragon Soul, Aluneth). Plus, if I were to add that the text would be too small
Frieza Jr 10 months ago
Nice and Balanced.
But i Think you could give it more durability and maybe the effect that every time that effect triggers it loses one durability ?
DestroyerR (3.9) (creator)10 months ago
Schlauchneid (3.9)10 months ago
Very nice design. Pretty balanced too i think. You make really neat cards. Top stop is well deserved ;)
DestroyerR (3.9) (creator)10 months ago
DestroyerR (3.9) (creator)10 months ago
Lunar Eclipse explanation: on ‘normal’ Choose One cards (wrath, ancient of lore, ancient of war etc.), the chosen effect triggers twice. On Choose One minions that transform themselves, they gain double the amount of stats they would gain over their base stat line. Example: Druid of the claw’s Bear Form has +2 Health than the original minion, so in lunar eclipse Druid of the Claw’s bear form would be: 4/8 Beast with Taunt. Hope I made myself clear!