Bonewhisker - Custom Hearthstone Card


14th January, 2020 ()

Damon 6 months ago
Cubone? Is that you?
Poondaedalin (4)6 months ago
First and foremost, GalaRogue does NOT need a boost right now. But, in the event that it's weaker in a future expansion (specifically after the set rotation), this is a neat concept for a Hero Power. It's similar to the Priest Hero Power, but Rogue can work with random minions way better than Priest can, especially with cards like Underbelly Fencer in Standard and Ethereal Peddler in Wild.
DragonicDoom (4.1) (creator)6 months ago
A little idea I had to help give GalaRogue a boost. Turns it away from the Lackey/Tempo plan towards a value plan, possibly with a couple other Burgle cards like Henchclan Burglar and Tess Greymane.