Cycle: Refresh - Custom Hearthstone Card

Cycle: Refresh

12th June, 2019 ()

MurlocAggroB (3.8) (creator)3 months ago
Well, there's a reason I didn't give one of these to Shaman. They are pretty good with Brann, however.
Cosmic14 (3.9)3 months ago
I Shudder(Wock) to imagine the possibilities...
MurlocAggroB (3.8) (creator)3 months ago
Well, Overkill is a Rastakhan's Rumble mechanic. I didn't want to mix the waters.
Xsenon21 3 months ago
"In For the Kill" should have overkill: refresh 7 mana crystals. It has more flavor.
Deloa (3.6)3 months ago
I agree, it's more elegant this way. Sometime a keyword is not the best option.
MurlocAggroB (3.8) (creator)3 months ago
I debated keywording this, but ultimately I think this reads a lot nicer. This wouldn't be a headline mechanic, but a side thing (Omega to Magnetic, Joust to Inspire, so on). Also, the ability is simple enough that they don't have to be shortened.

Also also, I couldn't find a nice way to reword Kun to fit the effect. That tells me keywording it makes the ability less flexible.
DestroyerR (4)3 months ago
@Winbow sparing the creation of a new Keyword is always a good thing
Winbow (3.5)3 months ago
Just make it a keyword: something (X)-
You can only play this card when you have x unspent mana crystals.