Hammul Runetotem - Custom Hearthstone Card

Hammul Runetotem

11th January, 2019 ()

hollowfied27 3 days ago
Really overused concept, methinks.
Kapiork 3 days ago
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)3 days ago
The Hero Power costs extra, which is a pretty significant downside for something you'll be playing repeatedly, and Justicar was absolutely awful in Shaman from the start.
ApolloSunGod8 4 days ago
I think this is slightly overpowered. Compared to Justicar this has 2 more stats as well as giving a better Hero Power for the same price. I know that usually class cards are generally better than neutral cards but I think this is too much.

Make the totem have one less health or make Hummul cost one more.