Scramble! - Custom Hearthstone Card


31st August, 2018 (TBP)

Made by Gothe

Gothe (4.2) (creator)3 years ago
I might remake this with minions with 1 or less attack instead of cost
Loxeres 3 years ago
@Sqentontheslime I didn't really think about it. but this would be amazing Egg Combo card if it was 'all minions with 1 or less Attack'.
Sqentontheslime 3 years ago
If only there were more 1 cost eggs, the below comment would be even better.
Loxeres 3 years ago
"I didn't mean the eggs, you fools!"
Rino 3 years ago
Much better now, 6 mana with Divine Favor, infinite draw!
Innkeeper (Automod) 3 years ago
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Gothe (4.2) (creator)3 years ago
Thoughts? Questions?