Tamsin the Prodigy - Custom Hearthstone Card

Tamsin the Prodigy

8th April, 2021 (RR)

Made by Shoemanband ()

Shoemanband (3.8) (creator)8 hours ago
Art by Arthur Gimaldinov.
rennurdniw 1 week ago
Shoemanband (3.8) (creator)1 week ago
I meant in Standard.
rennurdniw 1 week ago
also im not saying do that im just saying there is a higher cost fel spell
rennurdniw 1 week ago
buff her
TheArcanist (4.2)1 week ago
Felfire Potion kills her in the process and doesn't work anyway.
rennurdniw 1 week ago
felfire potion costs 6
Shoemanband (3.8) (creator)1 week ago
This is design is based on a loose prediction I have that going forward Fel spells in Warlock will be more Zoo-based while Shadow will support Control. Here, Tamsin has only recently started her exploration into Demonology which is why the summons are random and rather small (Warlock's highest-cost Fel spell is only 4 Mana). The spell trigger references her former enrollment in Scholomance.