King Gordok - Custom Hearthstone Card

King Gordok

22nd August, 2020 (RR)

Made by King Kuba ()

King Kuba (4) (creator)1 year ago
Thank you all for appreciation! Anwsering your questions:
@Octotron 2000, MosnarNeoding
It's a board effect, not "wherever they are" or "this game" effect (which could be too strong with certain cards).
@Deloa, Anonymous318
0-10 Mana minion costs are displayed right here with the examples. Hearthstone has a fast mana curve where low cost minions become more useless over time, that's why in game we see 1/3 for 1 mana as overall good stats and 10 mana cards are not always flexible, so I was inspired by Deathwing to make them 12/12 as a good stat basis.
And yeah, any minion that's over 10 mana will be an 8/8, just like Giants
Check out Bouledfist Ogre's flavor text in game :reno:
@Mega-Pixel As it's a board effect, it's not that easy to do, but as u mentioned Al'Akir, Gordok could see some play in Evolve Shaman, bumping those random guys and Mogu Fleshshaper to Boulderfist tier
Octotron 2000 (4)1 year ago
If it said "Battlecry: ALL minions this game have good stats for their Costs!" I think it would still be impactful but more clear.

Love the idea btw.
Mega-Pixel (3.9)1 year ago
That card would make Al'Akir and Zilliax VERY good for their Costs
Turba 1 year ago
Can anyone explain what is up with the "Good stats for Cost" meme?
Deloa 1 year ago
Why is Shirvallah a 8/8 ? Because of Giants ?
Anonymous318 1 year ago
I love the idea.

Suggestion to make the effect consistent for all Mana costs. As is, the way 0 Mana, 10 Mana, and 10+ Mana minions are affected is different from all other minions.

Perhaps the effect could simply set the stats equal to (Cost) Attack and (Cost+1) Health? Could be extra humorous for 0 or 10 Cost minions since Ogre-fying a minion would clearly be a downgrade but since Gordok is an Ogre he sees it as an improvement.
MosnarNoedig 1 year ago
This should say 'this game.' Otherwise, the wording implies that it only affects minions in the battlefield. I know that reduces the 'impact' of the text, but this is very vague wording.
King Kuba (4) (creator)1 year ago
If you put memes aside and think about it, it's a really versatile Legendary both in aggresive and control decks, as well as in combos. Galakrond Warlock is a great mix, where Gordok could buff Imps to 1/3's, Zzeraku to 9/10 and your opponent's stuff could be always disrupted, while being great for its Cost at the same time! It's a great Libram Paladin counter, too! What about other old Charge minions? Can you find any OTK there? Share your thoughts!