Gormus, The Not So Great - Custom Hearthstone Card

Gormus, The Not So Great

27th August, 2020 (RR)

Made by Calphricham

Kosmyc (3.5)1 year ago
one of the options is always Tirion, unless you actually have 8 or more mana, then he never shows up and is replaced with Milhouse Manastorm
Linwood 1 year ago
Would this give you a card that doesn't have anything to do with current state of the board or does it just give you a really bad card to deal with the situation?
Ex: Opponent got a taunt minion you need to clear to attack face. Instead of giving a 0 mana silence, this gives you a 6 mana siphon soul (which couldn't be played on the same turn.) Or maybe even a nether portal, as it deals with the problem of the taunt minion, but you lose all your minions as well.
HangryClam 1 year ago
Good news. I opened Hearthcards and this was the card on display.
HangryClam 1 year ago
LOL "not so great"