Transcendance - Custom Hearthstone Card


21st July, 2020 (RR)

Made by Agony

Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
@CreatorofPilloFight even if there aren't, so what? We've already seen dual-class spells and dual-class minions (even a legendary dual-class minions). There's guaranteed going to be a dual-class weapon.
Raphael (3.7)1 year ago
(10) -> 10, cost -> Costs, played -> cast
CreatorofPillowFight 1 year ago
I dont thimk there's gonna be legendary dual class spells.
Agony (creator)1 year ago
guys i re-made and balanced this card made it a legendary and made it this turn instead of this game so you're kind forced to play at least (0) mana or five (1) mana cost spells in order to activate it.