Professor Dumblefin - Custom Hearthstone Card

Professor Dumblefin

23rd May, 2020 (RR)

Shoemanband (4.2)1 week ago
@TheFriendlyEnemy Also Scargil.
TheFriendlyEnemy (4.1)1 week ago
In general, more than 4/4 = too big for a Murloc. That used to be 3/4 but we got Felfin Navigator in AoO.
DragonicDoom (4.1)1 week ago
You're a wizard Finley!
Octotron 2000 (3.9)1 week ago
I find large statted Murlocs pretty scary for Murloc Knight and Murgurgle Prime and maybe even Finja. Even this guy summoning himself seems pretty sus. I would make this guy have lower stats and cost to nerf these Murloc summoning cards and give you a better chance of playing a discard card the same turn.

Other than that, does discard and Murloc synergy go together?