Eredar Acolyte - Custom Hearthstone Card

Eredar Acolyte

30th December, 2019 (RR)

Wiener_Schnitzel 1 year ago
@DragonicDoom the wiki agrees with you, apparently Invoke requires Galakrond to be in your hand, deck or battlefield.
DragonicDoom (3.7)1 year ago
Now the question is, could you still Invoke Galakrond after playing Jaraxxus? I'd say no since he has to either be in your deck/hand or you have to be him. Still this is a cool archetype and might actually let Jaraxxus see play. Sooooo Galaxxus Warlock?
Wiener_Schnitzel 1 year ago
Since Galakrond is mostly played for the Battlecry, I thought a mixed archetype with Jaraxxus and his strong Hero Power could be interesting. Thoughts?