Madame Lazul - Custom Hearthstone Card

Madame Lazul

11th September, 2020 (RR)

Made by keyvnn9

GoreRattle 11 months ago
Bit strong but still a pretty cool idea
quakins 1 year ago
This is a neat idea if possible
keyvnn9 (3.9) (creator)1 year ago
Idk how laggy it would be, but it should only have to track 1 at a time
keyvnn9 (3.9) (creator)1 year ago
The idea is that you can watch them in real time to see what your next opponent is doing, for example
SnowChaser 1 year ago
Should probably say 'To see their last board', otherwise the client would have a stroke trying to keep track of it.
keyvnn9 (3.9) (creator)1 year ago
DustenStein (4.1)1 year ago