Imp-Loosionist - Custom Hearthstone Card


23rd February, 2019 (RR)

Made by kermitthedog

Meator 2 years ago
-.- and if u havent managed to deal 5 dmg, with the 2nd soulfire its 10 mana = dead. warlock has an easy time to get to the late game, unlike rogue. The only setup is to get rid of other minions in hand which is easy if that is your game plan. Just sayin it would be an uninteractive way to easily win games. I do like the idea in general, but i have concerns (foremost design space)
Auron2000 2 years ago
Wow 25 damage combo (not even otk lol) -in wild -and need to have no minions in hand, damn now that's freaking scary
Meator 2 years ago
in wild: this +2x Dark bomb +1 Soulfire is already 25 dmg with no setup required. For standard, it still limits design space, also we might miss some stupid combos
keyvnn9 (3.9)2 years ago
Rogue is a class that can actually use Malygos well. They also have 4 mana Malygos from Kobold Illusionist. Malygos Rogue is tier 4.
Meator 2 years ago
Should probably read "... transform into a 2/2 copy of it"
Problem is that u have a 4 mana Malygos which heavily limits design space for warlock
kermitthedog (creator)2 years ago