Alternate Current - Custom Hearthstone Card

Alternate Current

16th November, 2020 (RR)

Made by GrandInquisitor

GrandInquisitor (creator)11 months ago
I dont think it's a bad thing that this would be run in all Shaman decks. Shaman needs draw, this is cheap and efficient draw. Plus it's not the first time a class has gotten 1 mana card draw before.
DustenStein (4.1)11 months ago
A single word would fix this card:
"Unlock your Overloaded mana crystals to draw a card."
Poondaedalin (4)11 months ago
I wouldn't be that opposed to it normally, but it is in Shaman, who lacks good card draw, so this would be run almost unanimously.
Ymer 11 months ago
*Gasp!* You're right!
Cosmic14 (4)11 months ago
I'm surprised nobody's jumped on this card for being a 1 mana draw.