Splintering Smite - Custom Hearthstone Card

Splintering Smite

1st June, 2020 (RR)

Made by MosnarNoedig ()

Tibula 1 year ago
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
yes @Tibula?
Tibula 1 year ago
@Qubit @Gothe Deal one damage to a minion 3 times.
SpazzMaticus 1 year ago
arcane missiles?
Qubit 1 year ago
@Gothe that coud be a good solution, but then spell damage triples the effect instead of adding additional pings.
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
deal 1 damage to a minion 3 times.
Deloa 1 year ago
I don't really like the wording on this one.
MosnarNoedig (creator)1 year ago
A return to Splinter Druid! Thoughts?