Mystical Owl - Custom Hearthstone Card

Mystical Owl

15th September, 2018 (TBP)

Made by CarlL

Gothe (4.2)10 months ago
@Demotrix cuz it's a neat gimmick for a card.
Demotrix 10 months ago
wwhy would exess damage delt by an owl draws you cards :thinking: :thinking: ?
CarlL (3.7) (creator)3 years ago
Yeah sorry, you're right it would be the opposite with Divine Shield, you wouldn't draw a card if the Divine Shield minion had 2 or more Health. But yeah if the minion has 1 Health with or without Divine Shield, you would still draw one card.
Raincoat 3 years ago
Strangely enough, Explosive Rune on Divine Shield minions pings the shield but deals damage as if it didn't have Divine Shield, taking the health into account. So if it was coded the same way it wouldn't draw on a Divine Shield minion unless it had 1 health. Very cool design though
CarlL (3.7) (creator)3 years ago
@Kapiork It works just like Explosive Runes does, so yes I think so.
Kapiork 3 years ago
If you targeted a minion with Divine Shield would it draw 2 cards?
[deleted]3 years ago
This comment was deleted.