Frizbang the Fantastic - Custom Hearthstone Card

Frizbang the Fantastic

21st July, 2020 (RR)

Made by sunbird1002

Nylon 1 year ago
I used 'ranked', but there should be another word that includes casual mode, without including friendly matches, or matches against the computer (especially solo adventures).
Nylon 1 year ago
I see, that changes it a bit. I think it should use the same wording as previous cards in that case:
"Your deck is a copy of the last ranked deck you played against."
The card would work just like Whizbang does.
sunbird1002 (creator)1 year ago
Correct Destroyer!
DestroyerR (4)1 year ago
I believe it works this way:

1. Put him in the deck, deck becomes a “Frizbang Deck” (much like a Whizbang deck)

2. You build the deck as normal.

3. After playing a game, the decklist will change to your recent opponent’s and keep the “Frizbang’s deck” trait
nutter666 1 year ago
Start of Game: Replace your deck with a copy of the your opponent's deck from the previous game.

It could be further specified to "ranked" game or whatever as needed to prevent abuse.
Dvelis 1 year ago
wouldn't work
Nylon 1 year ago
oh, maybe I'm misunderstanding the card? I thought the 2/3/2 was only there the first time around. Meaning afterwards it's completely gone and you have your stolen deck, without any residue, and you'd be able to use that deck as much as you want.
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
I don't think the meta would suffer. The vast majority of players playing to rank high wouldn't want to play this anyways because it doesn't nothing to help them with the current game. Like I said before, it' the equivalent of putting a 2/3/2 do nothing in your deck in place of cards that could actually impact the game.
Nylon 1 year ago
I think this concept has been introduced several times before. But that doesn't make it any less neat.
The criticism this concept usually gets is that it could make the meta less diverse, since everyone's literally copying each other's deck, and if you get one you don't like, you can just delete the deck and start over.
Also, this effect should be limited to exclude friendly matches. Otherwise people would be able to indefinitely borrow someone's cards, which would make buying cards pointless and therefore be in conflict with what Blizzard want, etc.
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
My reasoning is that the downside is you have to put a vanilla 2/3/2 in your deck.
sunbird1002 (creator)1 year ago
I mean, it barely matters. The deck that you get will not have Frizbang in it. Sure, the current meta does make a 2 mana 3/3 not even near to broken. However, I don't see any reason to ovderstat it.
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
could probably stand to be a 2/3/3. though people will probably disagree with me on that
sunbird1002 (creator)1 year ago
How does it work?

After making your perfect Frizbang deck, go and battle your opponent! Win or lose, who cares! At the end of it all, you get your opponent's deck.

Don't have the cards? Who cares! All will be included (but do note, you cannot edit your Frizbang deck for obvious reasons) Now, go out into the wilderness, battle some budding adventurers, and reap the sweet reward of yet another way to play!