Portal Lord Malchezaar - Custom Hearthstone Card

Portal Lord Malchezaar

12th June, 2019 (RR)

Made by DestroyerR

Cosmic14 (3.5)6 days ago
You can technicly do that with Queen carnessa (Case study). I once got 24 Of the good queen (+ tokens). It was so cool, Zuramat had no clue what hit him!
DestroyerR (4.1) (creator)6 days ago
@Stevethebarbarian oh wow
Stevethebarbarian 6 days ago
Better yet, imagine using Transmogrifier to turn all minions in your deck into Malchezaars.
DestroyerR (4.1) (creator)1 week ago
@Ironiceagle thanks!
Ironiceagle 1 week ago
Seems overpowered enough for the adventure. (Imagine copying it with Bob) Also nice flavor.
DestroyerR (4.1) (creator)1 week ago
Treasure for Dalaran Heist. Thoughts?