Brawl: Bound By Rage - Custom Hearthstone Card

Brawl: Bound By Rage

13th October, 2019 (RR)

Made by MurlocAggroB

DryBowser (3.9)1 year ago
Elemental Decks Are Back Better Than Every!
Kobold Drummer 1 year ago
If it's a wild brawl quest druid looks cool
King Kuba (4)2 years ago
Warrior is superior
Calphricham 2 years ago
I'd be funny to see this hearthstone. I'd be cool if you started with like 5 random ragers in your deck. Still cool any ways.
MurlocAggroB (creator)2 years ago
A very simple Brawl idea. You construct decks, but play with this Hero Power. If that ends up being too oppressive, heroes can start with 10 Armor as well.