Mad Experiment - Custom Hearthstone Card

Mad Experiment

11th October, 2018 (TBP)

Made by Shreddy

Shoemanband (4)3 years ago
@Shreddy Mage has had a solid anti-aggro toolset since beta. Even though they've been pushed in a different direction in recent expansions, they still have Ice Nova, Blizzard, and Frost Bolt in their classic and basic sets, as well as some powerful card draw and sustain in recent sets with Luna and Frost Lich Jaina. Quest Mage had an extremely convoluted combo that required a lot of set up, but Mages were still able to make it work, and this is much less complicated and easier to achieve than the current best combo decks.
keyvnn9 (3.9)3 years ago
@Shreddy Malygos Druid has a lot of “unreliable” “combo cards” too. This is better than Malygos Druid and doesn’t need any setup.
Shreddy (creator)3 years ago
I know about the interaction this card has with Malygos, but since you have to run it alongside many spells and a one-off legendary that cost 9 (even if Mage has a lot of AOE, it doesn't have tools as effective as that Druid has access to in order to prevent any aggressive pressure), I think its quite slow and ''unreliable'' (even more unreliable if you play some ''combo cards'' like Reflections - bcse they will often just feel like dead cards freezing your hand). In my personal opinion, such an archetype won't be that much of a trouble for the meta. But I can understand why it's a little bit frightening... it's surely unfunny and un-interactive, like many ([i]to avoid saying: all...[/i]) combo decks are...

I recognize, after giving it a closer look, that it could still feel maybe a bit too good for tempo mages. It can easily become a dead card though, but I'm not sure this balance enough the idea.

@Da_King58 That's actually a really good suggestion to avoid making it too easy at enabling crazy OTKs. Well thought, and thank you so much for sharing it, I'll change the card this way as soon as possible. :)
Da_King58 3 years ago
What if to balance it the cost of mad experiment is also improved by spell damage?
Sunbleached Angel 3 years ago
Stop submitting 0 mana shit that is "improved by spell damage" FUCKING MALYGOS EXISTS
keyvnn9 (3.9)3 years ago
Hey kids! Guess what time it is? Spell Damage +15 time with Malygos and Reflections!
Randomizer (3.6)3 years ago
Please no.
Mattelonian 3 years ago
malygos otk time