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3rd January, 2014 (Basic) ()

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)10 months ago (sticked)
Want to thank everyone who donates and in other ways supports the site. You're the best!
Rickienon 1 day ago
Why my cards are deleted?
Ubertrainer2000 (3.9)2 days ago
Descent of Dragons is coming at the 10th of December. Now should be a good idea to get the cardmaker ready: This includes adding the Descent of Dragons cards to the database, and changing the set from ULDUM to DOD.
JMAP94 3 days ago
*the favorites list comes from the gallery, and comes from the "Cream of the Crop" in each user's eye. So using that list in the Add Card feature, I think is more effective.
JMAP94 3 days ago
Hey just a suggestion, on the "Add card" feature in comments, something you could do is have the list of "addable" cards come from the person's favorites rather than those recently made. This would allow people to comment on how a card compares to something popular on the site.

keyvnn9 (3.8)6 days ago
@Nikko I’m noticing that Titanic Lackey isn’t appearing in the list of Lackeys in the queue, but it does appear in the gallery. The Spare Parts have the same problem, not appearing in queue. I’m not sure if that’s just me, but could you fix that and maybe also add Draconic Lackey to the list? Thank you.
DestroyerR (4.1)1 week ago
@Nikko can you make it so this ( ‘ ) is autocorrected to this ( ' )?
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 week ago
@Nikko It would probably be helpful to have the Galakrond Hero Powers listed under cards that use Invoke. Thanks for your time.
DestroyerR (4.1)1 week ago
@Nikko thanks for receiving my feedback!
Gothe (4.2)1 week ago
@keyvnn9 I think we'll need someone to confirm then. Because last time star ratings were calculated and I landed in 4 stars i didn't have the promote feature. Since then I've climbed back to 4.q and regained that feature.
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 week ago
@Erasai Pretty sure that promote is a feature that Nikko gives directly to certain people, not a perk from dtar rating
Erasai (3.9)2 weeks ago
I still have the ability to promote cards even though i have no star rating do you know why?
DestroyerR (4.1)2 weeks ago
@Nikko seen as it’s official that “type” is the correct term as opposed to “tribe”, maybe you could change it in the Hearthcards interface to avoid confusion?
gamemaster5004 2 weeks ago
I can't post my cards into the gallery queue, but they are shown in the void when I delete them.
DestroyerR (4.1)3 weeks ago
@Shoemanband to be honest, I’m only mass-producing heroes because of Mike Donais’s announcement regarding Battlegrounds heroes
Shoemanband (4.1)3 weeks ago
@Quantum This is just a phase. Lots of heroes are getting into the gallery because there's a lot of open design space, but in a week or two there probably won't be as many. Besides, there aren't many regular cards getting in, so if you want to see more interesting cards, people need to vote them in.
Quantum 3 weeks ago
Is it possible that you could move battleground heroes to another section somehow? More than half of gallery's first page as of now is battleground heroes, which makes trying to find interesting cards so much harder.
DestroyerR (4.1)3 weeks ago
Mad props to @Nikko for inserting the option to change HP’s mana cost to coins!
Ubertrainer2000 (3.9)3 weeks ago
Can you put in the Battleground cards into the uploader please?
keyvnn9 (3.8)4 weeks ago
@MurlocAggroB My bad, forgot about that.
MurlocAggroB (3.8)4 weeks ago
@keyvnn9 You can disable the emblem by going into the custom menu. There's an option for no emblem at all.
keyvnn9 (3.8)4 weeks ago
@Nikko Some small suggestions: An option to disable emblems on cards even if they have gems (Battlegrounds-unique cards have no emblem but have gems), for the Check button to not give the message “Mana field is empty” when Battlegrounds stars are used, and for stars to appear when previewing a card.
Matz 1 month ago
Update : Well apparently yes, but I managed to get around it by using "fake" space characters instead of normal ones
Matz 1 month ago
Is there an automatic filter for cards with the same name as base game cards ? Because I'm trying to adapt a base game card and make a Battleground version of it, but the it doesn't appear in the queue, not even in the void.
Winbow 1 month ago
There should be "Mana to Coin" for Hero Powers in order to make battleground heroes...
King Kuba (4.1)1 month ago
Well that was fast. Thanks!
King Kuba (4.1)1 month ago
Nikko, will you add "Mana to Tavern Tier" soon to other options?
Shoemanband (4.1)1 month ago
@Nikko Can you please remove the "neighbors" filter from the queue. There are four cards in the game that use that word instead of "adjacent minions," so it's not necessary any more.
Gothe (4.2)1 month ago
Btw can I just say i'm impressed at the speed at which Nikko updated the creator menu to include the new emblem just hours after it was announced.
Shoemanband (4.1)1 month ago
@Gothe It looks like Hunter is getting Primordial Dragons, which honestly makes more sense than Emerald Dragons since they're more Beast-like.