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3rd January, 2014 ( Basic)

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)2 months ago (sticked)
Hello. It's been years since HearthCards could pay for its own operational costs. As of now I am no longer able to pay for it myself. For the site to remain in working condition as it is now we need to get Patreon to $30 by the end of the month. If someone has stuff here that they want preserved, I would recommend saving it by that date, just in case.
WesWrench55 6 days ago
Why the fvck my entire set deleted - and by who - one day after I put it into the queue?
Captain Amber 2 weeks ago
@Nikko Alright thanks! Doesn't seem to work with Hero cards though
forestre 2 weeks ago
Bug: can't do 2 minion types in golden version of a card (this is very important for two-typed fan BG cards)
LordeKrull13 2 weeks ago
A new custom rules-free classes gallery?
forestre 2 weeks ago
Suggestion: card cost in corpses
RasmusVJS 3 weeks ago
Minions with Tavern Tiers don't seem to be counted as Battlegrounds cards for the Battlegrounds gallery.
Xaphania 3 weeks ago
Okay , sorry if I deranged you in any way . Thanks for your understanding .
Ra Satem 3 weeks ago
@Xaphania, I had a lot of incorrect capitalization and incorrect wording when I started posting cards.
I think it’s like debugging when coding, the error report are extremely vague when you don’t know what is the problem and never encountered the problem before.
You probably really had an incorrect capitalization, maybe your device puts a space at the end when you edit you card or something.
Improving the error messages would be very long and likely not so useful.

I think the best would be to create a document feature multiple sections compiling all the technical details to properly word cards in adequacy with hs wording.
Xaphania 3 weeks ago
Just to keep that in a place where everyone can see it .
Xaphania 3 weeks ago
And I'm sorry if I was not kind recently , I was in a bad moment in my life , I know it isnt a good reason , but please excuse me .
Xaphania 3 weeks ago
Sorry if I am not really active , I maybe dont see your answers , but I really think my suggestion can help card creators to publish easily best cards . If you do this I'll be more happy than I actually are . Because exemples can be good too ( Incorrect capitalization in the card title : Sawstorm (Idk XD)) but someting like that
Xaphania 3 weeks ago
Sorry , but... Did you see the bug I reported ? Because I think I have suggestion to do : If a case was added where you can see the "problems" (I don't know how to call this) of your card , like "Incorrect capitalization in the card title , or anything like this who does the card cannot be published . And I'm sorry to not give donation to the site , but It's already complicated to me to buy some food actually , so I try to live before anything else .
TheArcanist 3 weeks ago
google en passant
HDkiller_45 3 weeks ago
try putting it in rice for 10 minutes
Ra Satem 3 weeks ago
I made a card and it gets automatically deleted whenever I add it.
I tried multiple things:
- changing the name doesn’t work
- changing the art doesn’t work
- the wording is correct

I m not sure what is happening, and what should I do

If anyone has a clue pls help me
Nikko (creator)1 month ago
@Captain Amber, that already exists type:location
@Mistertim, no one voted on the card
Mistertim 1 month ago
When I publish my last card, it returns to the created cards after some time. What could be the problem?
Captain Amber 1 month ago
A way to search for cards in the gallery of a specific card type (Such as Location, Hero, Weapon) would be really useful.
TheArcanist 1 month ago
Can we have a slider in the creation menu to adjust the vertical alignment of text? Sometimes the text scrapes the Attack/Health icons a little bit, which would be solved by moving it up like 2 pixels.
speedster 1 month ago
Hi. Very much appreciate all you've done for the community. Back on the old hearthcards, there were additional custom classes like pirate, worgen, etc. Do you still have the templates for those classes? If so, please can you upload them? Thanks
Xaphania 1 month ago
I understand no one want my cards ; incorrect capitalization in the card title . But even with any other card , this is ALWAYS the case ... And , of course , there's always something ... THAT . So I think i found a bug .
Ra Satem 1 month ago
Thanks! I just saved them.
DustenStein 1 month ago
your cards aren't saved permanently unless they get into the gallery. If you want to keep cards regardless of if they enter the gallery or not, I recommend saving them locally
Ra Satem 1 month ago
I had cards that disappeared from my page. I believe it was the cards that I put in queue and did not get into the gallery as they did not reach 3.5 stars.
Is this a bug?
Is this a feature?
Should I make backup copies of all cards I upload to make sure I don’t lose them.
It represents 10 to 20 cards as far as I can remember.
DustenStein 1 month ago
The name banner is at least
DustenStein 1 month ago
It is a feature. Go to portrait -> card style
Marleon 1 month ago
Its not a bug, but I wish we've had the the option to add the name banner and the health to the portrait skin again.
DustenStein 1 month ago
(Sorry Nikko, I promise I won't do it often)
DustenStein 1 month ago
"Только не морские, а игральные карты"