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3rd January, 2014 (Basic) ()

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)2 weeks ago (sticked)
 Wiener_Schnitzel (4)6 minutes ago
Woah, great idea, @Nikko, thanks indeed!
 Gothe (4.1)8 hours ago
Thanks @Nikko
Nikko (creator)8 hours ago
Don't know about a jingle, but I did a little thing there.
 Wiener_Schnitzel (4)14 hours ago
It would be nice if the Jungle Duel brawl had some jingle play when you click on it, like you hear Ben laugh when you click on his card. Mukla or Knuckles' entry themes would be good i think
Quantum (3.7)20 hours ago
no 2 days ago
Yes, we need a Brodemoji.
Ragnarok 2 days ago
Brode emoji pls
Kapiork 3 days ago
Why can I see some of the cards in queue when I press the "Recent Comments" button? Is that a new feature?
 petebar (4)3 days ago
 petebar (4)3 days ago
Why isn't there an enemoji for Ben Brode ??
 Gothe (4.1)4 days ago
Cool class template. why aren't you adding it?
 MosnarNoedig (4)4 days ago
It's really cool.
Nikko (creator)4 days ago
There is one trippy class template that i am not going to add, but in case someone wants to use it here is a code: {{CCLASS=scales8047}}
Gokee 4 days ago
Just found out the the back button I asked for is there now. If only Blizzard was this good. Thanks Nikko!
LiteBlueJay 5 days ago
King Kuba (4)5 days ago
 kermitthedog (3.8)5 days ago
Nikko (creator)5 days ago
Nikko (creator)5 days ago
can’t != can't
i'll make them autocorrect to proper ones at some point
Poondaedalin 5 days ago
keyvnn9 (3.9)5 days ago
However, I am seeing cards from other creators with can’t attack in the queue. I’m not sure anymore.
keyvnn9 (3.9)5 days ago
@Nikko I think that using single quotation marks is sending cards to the void. Since can be used like “enemy minion’s” or “can’t attack”, I don’t think that it should be filtered.
Ragnarok 6 days ago
Nikko (creator)6 days ago
Poondaedalin 6 days ago
Could you add the SMOrc to the list of emojis? I feel like it would fit in, since it was a meme that came from Hearthstone.
Nikko (creator)6 days ago
Gokee 6 days ago
You know how when you are looking at the cards you made and there is a back button taking you to the customization page? Can we get that in the Gallery too?
keyvnn9 (3.9)6 days ago
A card I just tried to make, Nettlebark Hermit, got auto-voided for “Typos or wrong capitalization/use of established ingame keywords (...’️...)
 petebar (4)6 days ago