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3rd January, 2014 (Basic) ()

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)4 months ago (sticked)
Want to thank everyone who donates and in other ways supports the site. You're the best!
DestroyerR (4.1)15 hours ago
@Nikko wanted to consolidate all my Void Warlock cards into one “Archetype: Void Warlock” card, and didn’t want to recreate the cards I already did
Nikko (creator)15 hours ago
this part in the url is cardid. There is also internal ID but I don't think it's relevant for anything usable by user and there is no way to get it. Why do you need it?
DestroyerR (4.1)15 hours ago
@Nikko how do I know a card’s ID?
Wiener_Schnitzel (4.1)1 day ago
I'm also in favour of @DestroyerR's suggestion to have tooltips show up for custom keywords. I feel like that's one of the reasons people don't generally upvote custom-keyword cards when they are not tokens for a Keyword card.

I think the custom expansion idea is a very nice one too!
Poondaedalin (3.5)1 day ago
@Ymer I also had a problem with my 6-1 Saronite Chain Gang Shudderwock Shaman deck, where Shudderwock can’t summon copies of himself anymore. Blizz plz fix
Ymer 1 day ago
Recently, I have been playing my 10-0 warrior pirate deck with Patches, but Patches can't CHARRRGE for some reason! Help please! *Snicker*
Matz 1 day ago
@petebar, Yeah I know, I've seen it too.
The replacement Priest card is terrible and will never see play. The rogue card is atleast usable in some manner.
petebar (4.1)1 day ago
@Matz well, as a replacement to "Mind Blast", there's a Basic card coming in the next expansion for Priest. It's a 1-Mana spell that says "Restore 5 Health to your hero". And, for the "Vanish" replacement, a new Basic minion that belongs to Rogue will come. It costs (4), has a 3/3 stats and says: "Battlecry: Give a friendly minion Poisonous". According to me, these 2 replacements are so bad. I forgot to say that Vanish and Mind Blast will become Common cards, in Hall of Fame.
Matz 1 day ago
Also all possible community events like an expansion collaboration or a card competition is welcome.
Matz 1 day ago
@petebar Vanish is a really strong card, and serves as THE board clear for Rogue. Making it rotate out is an interesting decision and will definitely make Control oriented rogues a bit harder.
Mind blast though, I really don't understand the rotation, unless they somehow add a card in the next expansion that make it broken, the card saw little play outside of Otks, and Priest can still do otks with Inner Fire shenanigans. And it's still very easy for priest to do face damage with "Healing now deal damage" cards.
petebar (4.1)1 day ago
Hey, um, while creating a custom class, can i also insert a custom Keyword? if yes, in what expansion should i use it? Ty
petebar (4.1)1 day ago
Guys, Mind Blast and Vanish will go to the Hall of Fame :((((
DestroyerR (4.1)1 day ago
And btw, I’m all in for the expansion idea
DestroyerR (4.1)1 day ago
@Nikko got this idea while “making” Steadfast: how about making custom Keywords automatically bolded? And while we’re at it, how about having an automatic tooltip in cards with custom Keywords (giving credit to the creator of course)? I think it would encourage people to make more custom Keywords cards
Wrath Sos Dovah 3 days ago
@Nikko firstly: thank you for taking the time to respond to me, secondly: the error happens when i make the card it starts to load then the we have a problem card shows up, i have tried making different cards and it works normally so i am unsure on what is happening and i'm starting to think that the crafting of this card may be cursed.
Gothe (4.1)4 days ago
wait, he was banned and then continued to say that stuff? wow.
Nikko (creator)4 days ago
@Wrath Sos Dovah, What kind of error? While making a card? It doesn't make it?
Nikko (creator)4 days ago
On a different note, what about community created expansion? 3 steps. First everyone can submit a theme or vote for the one they like. Second - same for mechanics/keyword for the chosen theme. Third - Submit cards and the best are chosen. Could be a ~month long project.
Nikko (creator)4 days ago
Threatening to 'behead' and 'f- up the site' after being banned, unless the ban is lifted, goes beyond being a dick. This is absolutely unacceptable. I will not allow to bully or outright threaten me or visitors of this site. Please do not discuss this any further.
Matz 4 days ago
@Nikko I know that people are jerks and all, especially HoneyFee as they were really being a dick to basically everyone. But Doxxing (even when done slightly) is really not cool, that's kind of a low blow. The ban was enough.
Wrath Sos Dovah 4 days ago
@Kapiork You could be right but do you have any suggestions to do insead of Choose One? I would actually like to know.
Kapiork 4 days ago
@WrathSosDovah Maybe because you're trying to make a non-Druid Choose One card?
Wrath Sos Dovah 4 days ago
@Nikko Hey for some reason an error occurs when i try to make my Tekahn, it is a 6 mana 3/7 warlock legendary with the ability of Inspire: Choose One - deal 2 damage; or summon a 2/2 Imp. i tried doing different cards and it works so i am really confused and upset, if you could explain to me why this is that would be great.
keyvnn9 (4)4 days ago
@Nikko What if there were tags that we could put on our cards so that when people wanted to see cards for “Deathrattle synergy” or “Token support” or other categories, they could just search it up? The tags could also be created by user.s
DestroyerR (4.1)4 days ago
@Nikko doesn’t screw around, damn
Nikko (creator)4 days ago
Concerning the ban of Honeyfee. If you will continue to threaten visitors of this site I will have no choice but to contact your provider Türk Telekom and provide all logs to your local Turkish authorities considering your threats of beheading people. Please stop. I have enough data for your provider to identify you.
Shoemanband (3.9)5 days ago
@Honeyfee lol
[deleted]5 days ago
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