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3rd January, 2014 (Basic) ()

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)2 months ago (sticked)
Want to thank everyone who donates and in other ways supports the site. You're the best!
Matz 11 hours ago
@Ragnarok, Saw it quickly as it went by, I'm pretty sure it's because you use cards from different classes.
Ragnarok 11 hours ago
Just made a deck, a few minutes later it randomly dissapeared!
It was named ´Nostalgia Guys´
keyvnn9 (3.9)1 day ago
I’m not sure if this was you, but it’s fixed now. Thanks!
keyvnn9 (3.9)1 day ago
@Nikko Sorry for having so many requests, but a deck I am trying to make keeps coming into the gallery glitched without the card pack frame. I tried doing it the same with different art, but the same thing happened. I did include a name for the decks, which was “Curve? Sure!”, in case that was the cause somehow.
keyvnn9 (3.9)1 day ago
@Nikko By now I’ve made a few mistakes in the deck creator, and I’ve noticed that they don’t get deleted from the gallery when deleted from the collection. It would be a nice addition if we could delete them better
LiteBlueJay 1 day ago
Lovin' the deck creator! Can't wait until it's finished!
TheFriendlyEnemy (4)1 day ago
Deck simulator is cool! You can draw cards with a full hand though.
Gokee 2 days ago
I'm experiencing a strange static looking bug when I' looking at a card on the mobile version of the site.
DestroyerR (4)2 days ago
@Nikko what’s the deal with the deck-playing simulator? It’s cool I guess, but what does it help?
Nikko (creator)2 days ago
Overall rating is only affected by creators (5 I think) top cards.
Winbow (3.8)2 days ago
Is the decks rating actual connected to the overall rating? If not, so I'm sry and ignore my comment :/
Winbow (3.8)2 days ago
@Nikko I don't think the custom decks sould have rating for the actual gallery but to be something different with separated rating in the decks section. It shouldn't effect the overall rating of the creator in my opinion. Could you check if other users are interested in this, too?
mpeti 2 days ago
It seems that you can't create decks with apostrophes in their names. This might be a misdiagnosis, but the 3 times my decks didn't show up they had apostrophes. "Shudder Star Aligner" doesn't have them nor any other special characters, but you could try giving a deifferent name and see what happens. Also if my bugreport is legit, than please fix it.
petebar (4)2 days ago
@Nikko yes both of them did have 30 cards. I also named them, picked an icon and created them.
Nikko (creator)2 days ago
Are you sure it had 30 cards?
petebar (4)2 days ago
Hey Nikko! Now i created a deck called Shudder Star Aligner, but i can't see it anywhere. This is the second time something like this happens. Please try to find the 2 decks lost and fix this, thank you.
Nikko (creator)2 days ago
Best I can do at the moment is to make it addable by name through 'Add Game Cards'.
Matz 2 days ago
The ability to add tokens to Decks would really be appreciated, this would allow the use of cards from "Card bundles" also the ones under custom Keywords.
Erasai (3.9)5 days ago
@Nikko The 0 cost cards don't show up in the mana curve of the decks.
keyvnn9 (3.9)5 days ago
Also, I don’t think the cards have to be so big while scrolling through the deck. If they were regular gallery size, you could fit probably 3 in each row and have more space for comments on the side. It could also be possible to click on the cards to enlarge them and see tokens that way.
keyvnn9 (3.9)5 days ago
@Nikko Will we ever be able to edit our decks?
Shoemanband (3.8)5 days ago
@Nikko I want to add the individual tokens from my Forge Warrior archetype to a deck, but there's no way for me to do that right now. Could you make it possible to add tokens to a deck as well?
Nikko (creator)5 days ago
Should work now. Just left click.
Wiener_Schnitzel (4)5 days ago
Also, how do you add custom cards to your deck? I tried dragging and double clicking but neither worked.
Wiener_Schnitzel (4)5 days ago
BTW a heads-up, for now decks show up in the main voting page as "Card Not Found", so don't rate them 1 star people!
petebar (4)5 days ago
@Nikko omg thanks you're the BEST! You actually took into consideration my suggestion in decks!!
Nikko (creator)5 days ago
Not final, very rudimentary. Not sure if it's particularly good idea, but we'll see if people are interested before putting more into this feature.
Wiener_Schnitzel (4)5 days ago
Yay, decks! Thank you, @Nico!
DestroyerR (4)6 days ago
@Nikko that wasn’t a problem in the past though (made several cards with the format I described and they weren’t voided). Besides, the Keywords are not my idea, but Keywords of other creators (and it uses two Keywords from two different creators)