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3rd January, 2014 (Basic) ()

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)1 year ago (sticked)
Want to thank everyone who donates and in other ways supports the site. You're the best!
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
Ok.. Well... @Nikko!!
Gothe (4.1)3 days ago
not sure how to contact him. There's no real ways to directly contact anyone on this website. just asking him here is probably the best, (like what you're already doing)
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
If I know how can I contact Nikko, I colud try to help to finish this. Obviously if it's not too complicated ('cause I know how to code (in java and HTML for the moment), but I'm not at the level of, like, Blizzard)..
Gothe (4.1)3 days ago
Well I'd assume you'd need to know how to code. and You'd also, again, need to talk to Nikko about it since he's running this whole thing. The class creator does function and do what it needs to, but it's unlikely/unforeseen if Nikko's going to be working more on it since it's been the way it is for the past year or year and a half.
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
If I want to help finish it, how can I do it?
Gothe (4.1)3 days ago
I assume you mean the class creator? And yeah, it's not finished. I guess you can call it being in the alpha stage of it's creation. Will it be finished? Maybe. Maybe not.
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
Ok.. Well then, there are a few bugs on the Expansion Creator. :|
Gothe (4.1)3 days ago
I don't think so? You can delete all cards you put in, hero powers, and hero portrait. And change the name, and keywords and everything. You can always edit it and don't need to make it public.
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
Uhh... Last question. Can I delete an expasion or a class (in the Class Creator)? 'Cause I don't know, and I tried.
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
OMG! THANKS! Btw I was looking the other, "My cards".
BobOrVagana (4.2)3 days ago
@Finn Mc Missile, if you are talking about the cards which you see when you first open the 'Alt. My Cards' tab, you should be able to remove them. Click on one, there should be a small red 'Delete' button above 'Post a comment', that should remove it.
Gothe (4.1)3 days ago
There's not really any way to contact them directly. This server is owned, made, and operated by @Nikko. He's the only mod really. This Bugs & Suggestions page is really the best way to get his attention. He has a Twitch channel but idk how active he is on it.
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
The real problem is, how can I contact the mods? I can't find anything that could help me.
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
Yeah, but I don't want to create a second account. I just want to "reset" this.
Gothe (4.1)3 days ago
@Finn Mc Missile Dude trust me, I've made countless, COUNTLESS mistakes and bad permanent cards that no one else will or can ever see. If you want to delete an account, i have no idea, I'd wait for someone else that knows about that stuff, @Nikko probably does since he knows. I think you can make a new one by logging out on that same drop down menu and create a new account.
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
Ok, you know what? Screw that, how can I delete my account?? I want to remake it, 'cause I made too many mistakes.
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
But they will ever put something for deleting the permanent cards? 'Cause I tried an example, but I don't want to keep it.
Gothe (4.1)3 days ago
@Finn Mc Missile well once you generate a permanent link for a card it's, well, permanent. You can delete cards by clicking on the drop down menu at the top right of the card creator screen. Then click "my cards" and select what cardsyou want to delete. If they're already in the gallery, cards in the gallery wont/can't be deleted and will just remove your name from them.
Finn Mc Missile 3 days ago
How can I remove a permanent card/HeroPower?
Dartax4 1 week ago
I am sorry if I missed anything, but it seems my cards that get into Gallery get erased somehow. I have made 2 Boss cards (The older one named "Ornstein the Ghostslayer" and my newest one "Ragnaros Rekindled"). I was extremely happy since only few of my cards got in there anyways. Unfortunately both of them got erased from the Gallery in less than a day. Could there be any reason for that?
Lucious (4)2 weeks ago
I noticed Draconic Lackey doesn't show up on the list of Lackeys in cards that reference them.
DestroyerR (4)2 weeks ago
@Gosha305 same here, it passed now though
Lucious (4)2 weeks ago
@Gosha305 Was just about the same.
Gosha305 (4.2)2 weeks ago
Is it me or is the site REALLY struggling to load today?
TheArcanist (4)2 weeks ago
I still can't see my cards in the queue, even though they were not voided. I have no idea if they are there or not. Furthermore, I can't comment on cards in he queue (the comments won't save). Another issue: I can't make a new account. I wanted one to test if the bugs are bound to my account, but I get stuck on the email confirmation and nothing gets sent.
Kapiork 2 weeks ago
All of the current cards are *still* listed as made in 'DoD', not 'AoO'. Please fix this.
BobOrVagana (4.2)2 weeks ago
Hi @Nikko, could you make it possible to make non-legendary hero cards? I know it might be a bit specific and time-consuming but I would appreciate it a lot!

You can find some good examples at https://hsreplay.net/cards/#display=gallery&u
petebar (4.1)3 weeks ago
Hey @Nikko could you make it possible to have more than 1 Keyword in a class or set ? thank you.
DestroyerR (4)3 weeks ago
@MaGAKIcal Girl btw, to answer your question: you can’t remove cards if they already entered the gallery, but you can “disown” them (removes your name tag and removes it from your personal gallery) by going to the “My Cards” menu and clicking the X below a card