Archives of Anarchy - Custom Hearthstone Card

Archives of Anarchy

12th July, 2018 (WW+) ()

Made by SmugJustice

SirCat 10 months ago
Now we need a Mage deck that shuffles lots of cards into your deck.
Gralabugun76 10 months ago
7 mana, lose your deck.
jollyroger 1 year ago
Maybe "transform the next 10 cards in your deck into scroll of wonder" instead.
MiniNinja 1 year ago
Loojee 1 year ago
i like it, since you draw a card it casts your entire deck, 10/10 for memes
JMAP94 1 year ago
A finisher with hella panache
JMAP94 1 year ago
jadeOP 1 year ago
humm similar actually to rogue one, quite crazy but quite probable
DestroyerR (4)1 year ago
Sooooo satisfying
Linwood 1 year ago
So.. 7 mana; lose your deck and probably the board.
CaptainMTT 1 year ago
This sounds fun. I like fun.
Phage 1 year ago
Holy Mother of Chaos D:
Matz 1 year ago
Yogg-Saron 2.0
Tale Teller 1 year ago
Lol, not a good card but what a crazy game this could turn out to be