Miniature Jungle - Custom Hearthstone Card

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Miniature Jungle

22nd November, 2017 ( KOTFT) ()

Made by bruh1220

iceycle2 3 years ago
plays this card, summons a 2/2, gains refreshes 9 crystals... *facepalm
DestroyerR (4)3 years ago
@ThatSlime Fandral only combines Choose One effects, so it wouldn’t work with this.
ThatSlime 3 years ago
what about that card that combines your choose effects into one? oh boy that'd be a fun time. gain 20 armor, summon 7 2/2 beasts, and refresh all your mana crystals.
SpazzMaticus 3 years ago
Broken with Medivh. Kuun into 2x this and UI. :D
Shoemanband (4)3 years ago
Unique effect, but the choices seem too weak for the card to be useful.
Yakina 3 years ago
This is just fun
Champheart 3 years ago
SmashUrComputrz 3 years ago
Just kidding btw, I did give it 5 stars, nice card
Schlauchneid 3 years ago
@SmashUrComputrz dude
Marleon (4)3 years ago
Really cool idea, but isn't that strong.
SmashUrComputrz 3 years ago
I would give this 5 stars if it would be KnC
Ragnarok 3 years ago
Best card ever
Schlauchneid 3 years ago
:) nice