Basthit, The Cat - Custom Hearthstone Card

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Basthit, The Cat

2nd July, 2019 (ROS+) ()

Made by Nekkro

ShootingStar 1 year ago
And you can combine this with timber wolf in hunter or maybe resurrect effects.
Kosmyc 1 year ago
This has rush tho. This is a minimum of 18 damage for controlling the board.
Winbow 1 year ago
Let's face it without the punch (even though Kovachut is right, so it doesn't make sence a bit). This is the worst turn 9 play, do you even remember Dreadstead? a card that was used only in OTK because it can resurrect himself infinite times, but now it isn't...
Anonymous318 (3.8)1 year ago
@DarkCalinou Wacth yuor lagnuage.
DarkCalinou 1 year ago
This card is Basthit crazy
Calphricham (3.9)1 year ago
I'm allergic to cats but it's still cool.
Kovachut 1 year ago
Let's check *them*.
Kovachut 1 year ago
Shouldn't the cat have 8 reborns? Because right now it looks as if it has 10 lives in general. Let's check it:

*atm* - 2/1 with 9 Reborns left;
*dies* -> 2/1 with 8 Reborns left;
*dies* -> 2/1 with 7 Reborns left;
*dies* -> 2/1 with 6 Reborns left;
*dies* -> 2/1 with 5 Reborns left;
*dies* -> 2/1 with 4 Reborns left;
*dies* -> 2/1 with 3 Reborns left;
*dies* -> 2/1 with 2 Reborns left;
*dies* -> 2/1 with 1 Reborn left;
*dies* -> 2/1 with 0 Reborns left.
Anonymous318 (3.8)1 year ago
@iceycle "First t."
Lysena 1 year ago
2/2 would be better though
iceycle2 1 year ago
you thought it said batthis?
Anonymous318 (3.8)1 year ago
At first the s and the first t were swapped in my head. Whoops.

Solid flavor.
Nekkro (creator)1 year ago
Art by Greg Opalinski