Spooky - Custom Hearthstone Card


18th October, 2018 (TBP) ()

Made by DestroyerR

DestroyerR (4) (creator)2 years ago (sticked)
Both are in an eternal discussion whether spooking sends more shivers down one’s spine or scaring.
Splatmastr 2 years ago
Stealers of the night
DestroyerR (4) (creator)2 years ago
@Erasai see my comments to @kala
Erasai 2 years ago
Are they both real cards you can get in packs? Or is one a token of the other?
Gothe (4.2)2 years ago
I dont think it's that overpowered in Quest hunter. It shuffles it into your deck, which makes it harder to play them and complete the Quest quickly.
Yillnik 2 years ago
Cool Design but wayy to OP in Quest Hunter..
Senhortodi 2 years ago
One of the best cards 10/10. 2Spooky4U.
DestroyerR (4) (creator)2 years ago
@PoodleFez thanks a lot, you’re too nice! :D
Kapiork 2 years ago
For now, this somehow has more rating than Candle Elemental.
PoodleFez 2 years ago
this is SO WELL MADE. it's got the memes, the balance, the high potential but not good in every deck, brilliant flavor, thematic for the current event/time of the year. actually one of the best cards I've ever seen!
Williamo15 2 years ago
And they are both SKELETONS (inserts joke).
DestroyerR (4) (creator)2 years ago
@scorpionSaw thanks!
scorpionSaw (3.5)2 years ago
Nice card !
DestroyerR (4) (creator)2 years ago
@kala nah, you open one of them randomly
kala 2 years ago
Does which one you pull/craft affect which one of them you can put in your deck? Or would you have the choice of either once you pull either
DestroyerR (4) (creator)2 years ago
@kala you can open/craft either Spooky or Scary first, but the other will be uncollectible for you.

@JudgeChronos why?

Holy crap, 4.2?! Thanks everyone!
JudgeChronos 2 years ago
The taunt and rush effects oughta be reversed
kala 2 years ago
Are these both collectible? Or only Spooky and Scary is just a token?
Randomizer (4.1)2 years ago
Damn Gothe now that you mention it that is quite the conundrum
I think I'm going to need more deck slots to figure this one out
Gothe (4.2)2 years ago
Just cuz his name is Spooky, doesn't mean anything. He might actually be a pretty scary guy once you get to know him.
Gothe (4.2)2 years ago
Who's the scarier one and who's the spookeir one here? If you say Spooky is the spookier one, the what ever happened to not judging a book by its cover?
Kosmyc (3.4)2 years ago
4.3 niiiiiiceeeeeeee
King Kuba (4.2)2 years ago
Quest Hunter likes this.
HAHA1n 2 years ago
And shivers down your spine
SirCat 2 years ago
Spooky Scary skeleton
DestroyerR (4) (creator)2 years ago