Akama The Betrayer - Custom Hearthstone Card

Akama The Betrayer

24th September, 2018 ( TBP) ()

Made by Schlauchneid

DestroyerR (4)3 years ago
@asdheinz because it can. It’s a strong, independent shadow that doesn’t do rules
Schlauchneid (creator)3 years ago
@asdheinz Because it's his Shadow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
asdheinz 3 years ago
why does it swap stats?
Sqentontheslime 3 years ago
Rogue doesn't have too much enchantments, also that seems a bit much text, good effect already, no need to complicate things.
Pumawesome 3 years ago
Should keep enchantments. That be cool.
Figelop 3 years ago
Cool idea! Balanced and flavorful
CardMaker1 3 years ago
Great card!
Schlauchneid (creator)3 years ago
just click on the palette under the name and you get it. :)
TavernsOfTime 3 years ago
where u find art plz tell me