Vinemaster Guff - Custom Hearthstone Card

Vinemaster Guff

18th March, 2021 (RR)

Made by DustenStein

Gothe (4.2)7 months ago
Oh i forgot to mention something in my comments: Blizz intentionaly keeps Beast Druid weak because they probably like to see beast druid players suffer, so that's another reason i could see this in Barrens.

onto your question, it can probably definitely be dropped to 4 mana. Even just like a 4/4/4 would probably be fine without pushing it.
DustenStein (4.1) (creator)7 months ago
I have a feeling this might be weak, no. Now that Gothe mentioned Fizz, I think it's not worth it, especially in modern times. How about 5 mana or 4 mana (with changed stats of course)
Mzop (3.9)7 months ago
i would say its simple, but with how barrens is going, this seems fine. balance wise its alrigth as druid beasts can use all the help they can get
Gothe (4.2)7 months ago
yeah i could see this being in barens. we already has a card that does that but with dragons instead
DustenStein (4.1) (creator)7 months ago
Tried to make this as realistic (for Barrens) as possible. Thoughts?