Battlefin Gladiator - Custom Hearthstone Card

Battlefin Gladiator

27th August, 2020 (RR)

Made by Thestalost ()

Kapiork 1 year ago
@Linwood It's because Brann takes up one space.
Linwood 1 year ago
If it gives +6/+6 on a normal battlecry, why would it give +10/+10 with brann? Shouldn't that be +12/+12 and +18/+18 with a golden brann?
-GooDiNi- 1 year ago
scorpionSaw 1 year ago
Give your board +6/+6 ouch. Can give +10/+10 With a brann, +20/+20 with golden brann... This one in golden gives +2/+2 I presume ?