Krazek the Mutilator - Custom Hearthstone Card

Krazek the Mutilator

19th April, 2020 (RR)

Made by Aether ()

DragonicDoom (3.7)1 year ago
Imagine this in Battlegrounds, yes please. Overall seems fine, since the cheapest cards you can use this with is the 3 mana Invoke minion whose name eludes me and Rafaam's Scheme. So turn 7 you get a 2/6 plus 2-6 random Demons. Certainly good, but not game breaking.
SpazzMaticus 1 year ago
T3 Imp Gang Boss.
Thestalost 1 year ago
Maybe make it: After you play, instead of summon. Becase with Invoke alone this can open up a lot of crazy shit
Poondaedalin (4)1 year ago
Turn 4 Krazek into Turn 5 Implosion could be fun
Thestalost 1 year ago
With Libram Paladin we've seen that name based archetype are possible in Hearthstone, so why the hell not Imp Warlock!
Aether (creator)1 year ago
Transforming an Imp into another Imp (Flame Imp, Jumbo Imp, etc.) forces it to transform again.