Master Summoner Fizzlebang - Custom Hearthstone Card

Master Summoner Fizzlebang

10th September, 2018 (TBP)

Made by Netheferious

Ymer 1 year ago
Grim Rally: Destroy a friendly Lord Jarraxxus. Give your Lord Jarraxxus's +1/+1
erumi321 3 years ago
Loojee 3 years ago
This is the greatest card on the site
Dr.Badtimes 3 years ago
There is no God, only JARAXXUS.
MosnarNoedig 3 years ago
C'thun buffing cards might actually be semi-okay with this.
Netheferious (creator)3 years ago
@Anonymous318 Quiet! They might not notice..
Anonymous318 3 years ago
Gonna be that one guy to point out that you misspelled Jaraxxus in two different ways. 'Jarraxxus' with two r's, and 'Jarraxus' with a single x.
Center 3 years ago
Cthun gets salty when his worshippers buff Jaraxxus because of a trifling gnome.
Slurg 3 years ago
all roads lead to Jaraxxus
Netheferious (creator)3 years ago
Wow. Not only is this card in the gallery, it is also the #1 card of this day. I was not expecting that lol.
SpeedwagonXX 3 years ago
Finally original card
keyvnn9 (3.9)3 years ago
Meme card that kills f2p? Sounds like Hearthcards meme cards.
HydroShark 3 years ago
i need this in my collection
jjX 3 years ago
"Discover a random ca--JARAXXUS"
All three choices are Jaraxxus
Netheferious (creator)3 years ago
Well this made it to the Gallery. K then XD. Admittedly it's not worded that well. Should say "Cards that refer to specific or unspecific minions now instead always refer to Lord Jaraxxus."
njixgamer 3 years ago
the meme we all need
Erasai 3 years ago
This is the new funniest card on the site.
Netheferious (creator)3 years ago
Not sure what madness prompted me to make this card but yea.
SimHill 3 years ago