Archmage Tezek - Custom Hearthstone Card

Archmage Tezek

4th December, 2021 (RR)

Made by Stevethebarbarian

JacySteak (4.2)1 month ago
Tezek knows spells, simple as
I enjoy this :o)
FriendlyShadow (4.2)1 month ago
DustenStein (4.2)1 month ago
Hold on, let me rephrase this in a nicer manner:
I recommend that the spells from the limited pool have all something in common because, even if you play this even once, you would have no idea what the pool is because the spells are normal spells. You could upgrade them or make a custom pool for example.

As for the target thing, you could very easily get around that by doing "Add three spells from Tezek's Spellbook to your hand. Your next one costs (0)."
DustenStein (4.2)1 month ago
If you chose the spells specifically, you can upgrade them in a way or come up with your own. This limited pool is dumb in the sense that it doesn't make any sense. If it's spells that a master of arcane would know, why are less than half Arcane? Why is Pyroblast not on there? Why Arcane Missiles?
And if you add the other options to your hand anyway, why no "Add three spells from Tezek's Spellbook to your hand. Your next one costs (0)."
Wishful (3.9)1 month ago
Well with that logic Steve, why do we need Goliath to say that it can choose targets in the first place?
Wishful (3.9)1 month ago
Definitely, and you would kinda need to paraphrase that the targets are chosen randomly anyway, since we only have 1 card in the game that has that effect.
Stevethebarbarian (4) (creator)1 month ago
After playing this just once it becomes obvious that you can choose the targets, so there's no need to make this a five-line card just to express what any player will immediately learn. Changing this to "discover a Mage spell that costs (6) or more" would both make it stronger (really? You want this to be able to cast Box and the new 9 mana Archmage card and so on?) and less flavorful, since I specifically curated the cards that would make sense for a master of the arcane to know and be able to cast. As for Polymorph, it can have a cute little blurb when you're discovering it in your hand that says [i](except for Tezek.)[/i]
DustenStein (4.2)1 month ago
I am paraphrasing on that ofc but the gist is the same
DustenStein (4.2)1 month ago
And I'd like to call you out on that Mass Polymorph thing because, as you said, that's not how Battlecries work and this cannot be an exception because the spell literally says "Transform all minions"
The targeted thing is cool though. Maybe add "(You can choose the targets)" because, as you have said yourself at some point on another card, "(targets chosen randomly)" can be left out since they are always chosen randomly
DustenStein (4.2)1 month ago
Why not just "Discover a spell that costs (5)/(6) or more?". I also think the Spellbook think is unnecessary since the spells it gives you are normal collectable spells
Wishful (3.9)1 month ago
Comparing this to Kalecgos, This feels like a proper powerlevel for this kind of effect however, I don't get why you would refer to "Tezek's Spellbook."

Usually something like that is used if the spells are special to that card exactly (I always like to look at the 2/8 Malegos for that) So, why not have it be

"Discover a spell with a School and Cast it."
Stevethebarbarian (4) (creator)1 month ago
Two things to note-
1: Mass Polymorph is also one of the options here, and it won't transform Tezek in spite of how Battlecries typically work.
2: The targeted spells ARE targeted, using the same UI that targeted Choose One spells use.