Wondrous Wisdomball - Custom Hearthstone Card

Wondrous Wisdomball

22nd May, 2019 (RR)

Made by Winbow

Azteranzo 2 years ago
Wisdomball can heal damage dealt and say: You, know, if you run out of "Health", you lose. Happened to me.
iceycle2 2 years ago
Random cards is a big condition. Compare a constructed deck to an arena deck. IMO this is underpowered. it rarely triggers and when it does, it's rarely game-changing
Quantum 2 years ago
It has the potential. Like it makes an already RNG-heavy game even more extremely depended on luck. Pretty much wherever or not you win will depend on your opponent (or you) getting helpful advice. Like you could basically not get anything, or constantly remove board against aggro, getting a lot of cards, Healing a lot, getting random legendaries etc.
I am sorry if my wording was misleading, this is what i meant by it being broken, that it can lead to a lot of unfun games and unfair games where you lose simply because you lost a toss of coin at least once, repeating 5 times a turn with it having so many triggers. For example in adventure, this card could carry literally any deck, so i think it can do it here as well with enough luck/unluck.
Also, you can get an alleycat from this. So card matches your name? Does that mean that you secretly made it? And used another account? Checkmate, SirCat!
SirCat 2 years ago
@Quantum - Filling your deck with random cards is a HUGE condition. Because of its randomness, I really don't think it could be that broken since you do have to get pretty lucky both with the cards you get and the effects you are given.
Quantum 2 years ago
This is actually broken, I am sure i will have a lot of fun by losing to this because i got unlucky and it triggered a lot of times.
Kovachut 2 years ago
@ Calphricham

Yup. This would probably be banned in tournaments.
CardBoy.J 2 years ago
i’d love to see two players run this against each other
Anonymous318 2 years ago
Wisdomball can prevent lethal damage, draw like 4 extra cards, grant extra thurns, adjust mana cost, and many more. I'm glad the random condition is there.

Not sure how strong this deck would be, but I'm sure it would be a clown fiesta.
The Ultimate Rex 2 years ago
Love it!
Great work :)
Poondaedalin (4)2 years ago
I’ve changed the cost of that card. nO NeEd To ThAnK mE.
Calphricham 2 years ago
More like occasionally cheat.
Winbow (creator)2 years ago
The possible advices: