Call of Destruction - Custom Hearthstone Card

Call of Destruction

23rd May, 2020 (RR)

Made by SneakyRogue

Kapiork 1 week ago
Now that's an awesome card.
SneakyRogue (creator)1 week ago
True, but its mostly a swing turn. If you're losing, the Quest hero power doesn't normally matter.
Randomizer (4.1)1 week ago
Strange anti-synergy with the Warlock Quest, but the Warlock Quest has anti-synergy with itself so...
SneakyRogue (creator)1 week ago
Right - I'll add the tokens in a moment. Figured Jaraxxus was well known though :D

Yes, the strategy is plot twist. Its infinitely better than Jaraxxus himself because you still have another 9 mana to do stuff - + use his hero power. Synergizes with the Quest, and its sort of a HUGE swing turn for when you're losing.
Gothe (4.1)1 week ago
So.... it's great with plottwist. It does cap your health at 15 but gives you a phenomenal hero power and weapon (i assume)
SneakyRogue (creator)1 week ago
Pretty proud of this one. Gonna say ahead of time I might repost if it doesn't get rated, or I think it needs a buff or nerf.