Fire Flinging - Custom Hearthstone Card

Fire Flinging

18th October, 2019 (RR)

Made by Ooka_Chaka_Baby

DollmasterDoritos 1 year ago
I also agree that this should be 1 Mana. Yhat would make this to be some short of Shield Slam that is better in late game.
Tusnad 1 year ago
I'm such a fan of this type of card. Is it balanced at 3? Who knows, who cares, the core idea is so good!
Deloa 2 years ago
At 1 Mana it's not insane compared to Wing Blast (another card that need setup to deal damage to a minion). Three mana is definitely too much, especially in a class that can already easily deal with minions.
SadmanV2 2 years ago
I disagree at 1 mana this card becomes insane
you should make it deal a base of like 2 damage and additional damage from hero power pings
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)2 years ago
This is pathetically weak. It should be 1 mana, or 2 and come with cycle. I have a preference for 1 mana, 'cause Odd Mage.