Mine Kart - Custom Hearthstone Card

Mine Kart

24th October, 2018 (TBP)

Made by MrGruyère

Stevethebarbarian (3.8)2 years ago
This would be fine as a 0/4 or maybe even 0/5, considering the weak effect.
Kosmyc (3.5)2 years ago
YugoBoy 2 years ago
I think the card would be fine with a +2 health increase, as giving it more mana potnetial or making it ramp you could lead to everyone ever runing this.
Just like the pre nerf "I can wait anf fish all day" boi
SirCat 2 years ago
You could also let it give you an empty Mana Crystal
keyvnn9 (3.9)2 years ago
@MrGruyère If you really want to delete this, go into your collection (Tap on the top right corner in the creator) and press the x on the card there.
MrGruyère (creator)2 years ago
How do you think I could make a more balanced version of this ?
'Gain 2 Mana Crystals' instead ? 4 Health ?
Oh and if someone knows how to delete a card..
SirCat 2 years ago
I said "definitely not too strong"..?
BizoNelleme 2 years ago
@sircat wtf sre you talking about this card is so under stated and plwerless there is a card called pint sized summoner od something like that that cheats 1 mana for start of your every turn
SirCat 2 years ago
wElCoMe To My MiNe. We ArE mInInG dIaMoNdS.
Nice card, definitely not too strong.
MrGruyère (creator)2 years ago
Feedback ?