Infernalist Joey - Custom Hearthstone Card

Infernalist Joey

18th October, 2018 (TBP)

Made by King Kuba ()

Kosmyc (3.5)3 years ago
This shouldn't be 3 mana. 5 damage to a single minion would be 5 face damage and two mana, judging off of spirit bomb. Since this would be run in egglock/token, the stats are highly powerful for such a strong effect. It really is a good idea though :).
King Kuba (4) (creator)3 years ago
"Is this unstable?! Yeah, you're right! Or left? I DON'T REALLY KNOW!"
Gothe (4.2)3 years ago
I like teh idea a lot, and i think the explanation is fine with it. There have been other cards taht have needed an explanation to it's ability. I'd argue teh Rogue quest is like that, since you're opponent would want to know that even if he silences your minions, your minions will still be 4/4s.
MrGruyère 3 years ago
I really like this !
That's why I upvoted it ^^
King Kuba (4) (creator)3 years ago
You can get some exciting value from eggs! Joey between 2 of them, 5 damage to your hero and some damage to your opponent.
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)3 years ago
Interesting idea, but needs the explanation, and thus really couldn't work as a card in the game. Furthermore, it's simply too weak. 5 damage to your own board (and possibly face) for +1/+1 over what would be balanced vanilla stats? No way.