Afterlife Graft - Custom Hearthstone Card

Afterlife Graft

17th March, 2019 (RR)

Made by petebar

DeathNote 2 years ago
Amazing concept! Too expensive at 4 tho in my opinion. Most likely decks would only run 1 of this for the chance to get a crazy deathrattle. Outside of kingsbane tho, this card would be too slow to run at 4. 3 is a good number
Kovachut 2 years ago
Just imagine the wild combos... :jaraxxus:Majordomo :jaraxxus:
njixgamer 2 years ago
if you get lucky enough you get an egg on kingsbane
ShootingStar 2 years ago
Kingsbane loves this.
Plaslid 2 years ago
I think this should cost (3) when you compare this to Myra rotspring.
petebar (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
You also get the Deathrattle minion in your hand.
Asrobur 2 years ago
i think 4 mana is way too much, most of the time the best thing you'll get is something like "draw a card" and there are very few, if any, deathrattles that would be worth 4 mana