Reef Recruiter - Custom Hearthstone Card

Reef Recruiter

11th September, 2019 (RR)

Made by mendinja

Winbow 5 months ago
rip evolve
Iserlohn (3.8)5 months ago
Y'know, I'd like it more if it were to copy a silenced copy of the highest cost minion and THEN make it a 10/10. That way you still get important info and a decent amount of stats, but it won't be as swingy
Engel Woodcaster 5 months ago
It would be a 10/10 without text I guess
like a useless shadow
Gothe (4.2)5 months ago
10/10 shadow of nothing?
kermitthedog (3.7)5 months ago
*Opponent has no minions in deck*