Bag Thief - Custom Hearthstone Card

Bag Thief

14th September, 2018 (K&C)

Made by Gothe

Gothe (3.9) (creator)6 days ago
@Raincoat I always thought of the transformation efefct more as the minion being transformed is joining/becoming another Bag Thief.
Raincoat 1 week ago
I love the design of this card, but the weird transform effect feels more fitting for mage.
darogalvod 1 week ago
I think they were trying to meme
kala 1 week ago
Uh, you do realize that the bag thief in question is this card, titled bag thief? It transforms a minion into a copy of itself.
Loxeres 1 week ago
This Bag Thief is an interesting card, but you forgot to add the 'Bag Thief' token. Like what is this 'Bag Thief'? Is it a 7/7, does it have Divine Shield, is it a Dragon. Literally noone knows. Fix it as fast as possible. Overall I would say that Bag Thief is a unique and cool, balanced card, but without seeing the 'Bag Thief', I can't really tell for sure. 4/5
HAHA1n 1 week ago
HAHA1n 1 week ago
I fell like it should be epic though
HAHA1n 1 week ago
Gothe (3.9) (creator)1 week ago
Thoughts? Questions?