Viper, Biohazard - Custom Hearthstone Card

Viper, Biohazard

20th March, 2021 (RR)

Made by Mega-Pixel

DrHazardNuclear 7 months ago
keyvnn9 (3.9)7 months ago
Warm welcome to the newest new account
DrHazardNuclear 7 months ago
My wife aslo i am mage and rogue I am Dual-Class
keyvnn9 (3.9)7 months ago
And a certain Nitroboost
DustenStein (4.1)7 months ago
It's like Deadly Poison and Paralytic Poison, I think
Mzop (3.9)7 months ago
ohh, i didnt know. ok interesting.
ironwarrior79 (3.6)7 months ago
I think they mean poison by poison, one of the new rogue cards mention poison
FriendlyShadow (4.1)7 months ago
That art is soo good.
Mzop (3.9)7 months ago
makes sence and is well balanced and i love the idea. one thing doe, by "poison" you mean a poisonous minion right?
Mega-Pixel (3.9) (creator)7 months ago
Following Mzop's idea of Valorant-themed cards. Viper uses gases and poisons to cripple vision and quickly kill her enemies