Brawl: Cute Duel - Custom Hearthstone Card

Brawl: Cute Duel

3rd February, 2019 (RR)

Made by petebar

petebar (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
@Lucious i mean, just do whatever you wanna do.
@hollowfied if i make something similar next time, i'll insert emotes :)
@MosnarNoedig i checked it atm. It's cool!
MosnarNoedig 2 years ago
I have some good Snoflipper Penguin boss art. Look at my gallery. I can post the image if people want to try that.
hollowfied27 2 years ago
*Insert "Wow" emote from a hero of your choosing here*. Petebar, please let this happen, it would be fantastic!
Lucious (4)2 years ago
I just had an AMAZING idea!
With your permission @petebar, I would like to make a remake of this, but as a cooperative PvE brawl and the big boss would be... SNOWFLIPPER PENGUIN!!!
The story: A Penguin has taken the title of the cutest creature ever! Two mortal enemies must unite to restore balance to the world of cuteness!
petebar (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
@Flipombe Well i was imitating The Jungle Duel Brawl between Bananas and Razorpetals. There was not any Portrait or Hero Power, so i thought there's no need to insert them here
Flipombe 2 years ago
What i meant by not nowing your starting heroes: You also don't know the hero power. That's pretty important for this kind of brawl.
petebar (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
@Flipombe murlocs star with a Murloc Hero with 30 Health, and Cats with a Cat one also with 30 Health. I forgot add tokens of the Portraits XD. Oh and i meant it to be Cubeloc, but i'm used to Warlock so wrote it Cubelock by accident. Thanks for your feedback!
and @Cabronza appreciate it and love your cards as well!
Flipombe 2 years ago
5 Stars
Flipombe 2 years ago
Sacrifince seems really bad, even though Finrage tries to balance it out, paying 2 mana to destroy a friendly minion to get only 4 Health is not good.
Also, what Hero do you start out as? there are only Hero cards but no starting heroes.
One last minor point is that Cubelock is a really weird name even though the name fits and i get the reference. Maybe just naming it Cubeloc Would keep it more in line with the murloc names. Apart from all that stuff, i LOVE this. Cool Flavour all around.
Cabronza (3.7)2 years ago
Dont let internet ratings discorage you! Many of us love this kind of creativity, keep it up boy!
petebar (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
Seems like this is the worst Brawl in the Brawl Section. Nice! .-.
Cabronza (3.7)2 years ago
C'mon boys, this deserves more than a 3.4!
SirCat 2 years ago
Murlocs suck btw, obviously the cats are the better team.
SirCat 2 years ago
I approve!
Wiener_Schnitzel 2 years ago
This is all great, just WOW! Both teams have such cool cards and the encounter seems balanced. I even think you should make Catch into a keyword card, that's a great idea for a keyword.

Btw #TeamCats
petebar (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
Cats Vs Murlocs! Which team do you prefer ?